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Waterwise is proud to announce the purchase of the assets of Healthy Perceptions! We look forward to providing you the products offered by Healthy Perceptions and will make every effort possible to earn your business and provide excellent customer service. We ask for your patience and understanding during this time of transition.


    We are celebrating our 5th year on "Know the Cause" and for a limited time we are offering our 3 pack of air purifiers for $500. That's a savings of $400 on 3 Aclare air purifiers.

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The World Health Organization states that "every year, indoor air pollution is responsible for the death of 1.6 million people" worldwide. Furthermore, U.S. health officials estimate that 900,000 people become ill in America due to the water they drink.

It is the goal of Healthy Perceptions to provide affordable solutions with cutting edge technology for clean water and air. With tens of thousands of products sold, we are proud to boast a 1% return rate on our 30 day money back guarantee. We continue to have testimonials flow in from our customers and we are proud to have our products used and endorsed by the following professionals in our industry:

Product Endorsements

Doug Kaufmann
Doug Kaufmann

"As many of you know, for many years I worked with various physicians and was able to prove to them that mold caused significant health problems. Are you now seeing suspect diagnoses in your children like chronic sinusitis (documented as being mold induced in 95+% of cases), or bronchitis or asthma, all of which can be due to mold? We have three of these Aclare units in our home, and as health care workers begin to understand the mold link to serious diseases and learning disorders, I am certain that John and his family will sell out of these incredible units..."

Jordan Rubin
Jordan Rubin

"A healthy environment leads to a healthy life. Toxins in the air we breathe can have a negative impact on many systems of the body. To ensure the air I breathe is as healthy as possible, I use the Aclare Air Purifiers made by Healthy Perceptions. I have used these air purifiers in every room of my home for the last five years. I have often used the portable units in hotel rooms when I travel. The health of my family is a primary concern of mine and I trust the health of the air we breathe to Aclare Air Purifiers and you should to."

Dr. DeSilva
Dr. DeSilva Jr., M.D.

"Breathing purified air, as well as drinking and showering with uncontaminated water, is essential to maintaining wellness and the prevention of disease. Over the past decades, our homes have been sealed tightly to be more energy efficient. Most airborne toxins produced inside our homes, stay inside our homes. In fact, studies show that some of the health problems Americans face today are due to the indoor air we breathe. Additional studies reveal the harmful side effects of drinking and showering in chlorinated and contaminated tap water. That's why I trust the products from Healthy Perceptions and I rely on the Aclare product line to purify the air and water in my home. With their cutting edge technology and affordable pricing, every home in America can afford the right to breath purified air and drink/shower with clean water."

Jeff Rense
Jeff Rense

"In these toxic times, our indoor air is often more toxic than outside...which is why the Aclare is so critically-important to the health of you and your family. I've found this marvelous product to be the BEST home air purifier for the money on the market today."


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