Aclare Water Pitcher NEW Generation 2

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Aclare Water Pitcher Generation 2

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The ionic absorption, micron filters used in the Aclare Water Pitcher are the most tested, effective, efficient and economical filters on the market today! The unique blend of media used in each filter (2) removes/reduces the majority of pollutants and contaminants found in tap water, including chlorine, bad taste, sediment and odor.

Also effective for chemicals such as PCBs, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, DDT, THMs, detergents and other organic compounds and inorganic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum, asbestos, arsenic, chromium 6, copper, and lead. Reduces up to 90% of fluoride.

Use with chlorinated or disinfected water supply only. Not intended for use with water from private wells (unless disinfected), rivers, streams or oceans.


  • Easy fill opening in lid
  • Ergonomic pistol grip handle
  • Costs much less and more convenient than bottled water
  • All materials FDA food grade approved and BPA-free
  • Pitcher holds 3 quarts of filtered water when full
  • Up to 200 gallon filter capacity—up to 6 months usage
  • Replacement filters are easy to install

You are 60-70% Water!

Besides the air you breathe, the water you drink is the most important substance you consume! Water is the elixir of life and a key factor in virtually every bodily process. But drinking today’s tap water is not your best option to replenish this vital part of your body. Many municipal water treatment plants are inadequately equipped to handle the influx of modern-day contaminants. Aging distribution piping can leach heavy metals like copper and lead and are often caked with decades’ worth of silt, sediment, unhealthy inorganic and chemical deposits. While the addition of chlorine eliminates epidemics of waterborne diseases, it also produces chlorine disinfection by-products (DBPs), such as chloroform, trihalomethanes (THMs) and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), many of which are known to cause cancer.
Because of these concerns, many people have turned to bottled water. But when you consider that a majority of bottled water is simply filtered municipal tap water sold at excessively marked up prices (hundreds, even thousands times the cost of tap water), is it really the answer? The negative environmental impact is also shocking. Billions of non-biodegradable plastic bottles are produced every year but only about 30% are recycled. The other 70% end up in our landfills, streams, rivers and oceans. In 2010, an estimated 54 million gallons of oil were used to make the plastic, produce the bottle and ship the bottled water. But it seems of little concern since Americans consumed 20% more bottled water in 2014 than 2010!


*Based on $.99 per gallon @ 10 gallons a week **Based on filters replaced every 200 gallons @ 10 gallons a week
*Based on $.99 per gallon @ 10 gallons a week
**Based on filters replaced every 200 gallons @ 10 gallons a week

While bottled water certainly has its place, wouldn’t it be better for the planet, your wallet and your peace of mind to make fresh, delicious filtered water in the convenience of your own home at a fraction of the cost? Then the Aclare Water Pitcher is an ideal solution for you and your family. It produces great tasting water by using a micro filtration system consisting of the finest granulated activated coconut shell carbon containing thousands of omni-directional pores and an exclusive ionic-adsorption media to significantly reduce a wide range of common tap water contaminants. It can effectively produce up to 200 gallons; however, you don’t need to count the gallons, since the flow will become slower and slower until it is time to change the filters. This attractive carafe-style filter is constructed of heavy-duty, BPA-free plastics and is easily stored in your refrigerator.


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Length: 10.75″
Width: 5.25″
Height: 10.25″
Weight: 12 oz.

Made in the U.S.A.

Adobe PDF DocumentAclare Water Pitcher Use & Care Guide